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This is not a credit decision or a commitment to lend. All loans must receive Eligible and Accept findings from LPA. Rates are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

Eligible States

AOMS is licensed in all states EXCEPT the following: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York & Vermont.

Loan Limits

Loan limits must meet the FHFA limits based on the county the property is in. You can click here to check current loan limits


AOMS agency overlays - we will not accept the following: Texas 50(a)(4) loans, cooperatives, manufactured homes, manual underwrites, rehabilitation /construction, greenchoice renovation, community land trusts, non-institutional / forgivable subordinate liens, escrow holdbacks, non-occupant co-borrowers, future income or loans structured with lender paid monthly / annual MI, financed, split premium, borrower paid single premium or reduced mortgage insurance, properties listed for sale within 90 days of the application or frozen credit bureaus.